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Ahead of your first rental, it is mandatory to complete an ID verification process.
This is put in place to ensure a safe and reliable experience for all our users, we require ID verification for the following reasons:

1. Security and Trust:
Verifying your ID helps us confirm your identity, ensuring that all transactions on our platform are secure. This helps build a community of trust between renters and owners.

2. Fraud Prevention:
By verifying IDs, we can significantly reduce fraudulent activities and protect both our customers and our business from potential misuse.

3. Rental Assurance:
Knowing the identity of our users allows us to ensure that our high-value fashion items are rented to genuine individuals. This helps us maintain the quality and availability of our collection.

Rest assured, your information will be handled with the utmost care and confidentiality, in line with our privacy policy. We use advanced encryption and secure storage solutions to protect your personal data.

It doesn't fit?

Receive a replacement product when you contact us within the first day of your rental. Fees may apply.

Shipping to Netherlands and Belgium

Ship anywhere in The Netherlands and Belgium, rates are available at checkout.